Diop & Tempé shooting ONOMOllywood at Hotel Onomo Dakar

This week, Omar Victor Diop and Antoine Tempé have been shooting the last scenes of their ONOMOllywood series at hotel Onomo Dakar. They’ve let the architecture of the hotel inspire them to recast a vast range of movies spanning the 50s French nouvelle vague Le Mépris, the swinging 70s cult movie Blow Up or the futuristic 90s box-office hit The Matrix.

Antoine Tempé shooting Thelma & Louise with models Sachakara and Armelle.
Antoine Tempé shooting Thelma & Louise with
models Sachakara and Armelle.

A few images from the series will be unveiled in May in the N° 1 issue of the magazine OFF The Wall, to be released at the Paris Photo L.A. show.

A photo exhibition by Antoine Tempé & Omar Victor Diop

Co-authors, Senegalese Omar Victor Diop and French-American Antoine Tempé are both photographers based in Dakar, Sénégal. They were invited by the hotel group ONOMO International to create a series of photographs set in the group’s hotels. Their series comprises twenty images inspired by iconic moments of great American and international movies, with a cast, fashion, and styling, featuring a representative sample of the cultural scenes in Dakar and Abidjan, where these images were shot.

The gallery below features an eight-image preview from the exhibition :

"Breakfast at ONOMO's", Dakar, 2013.
“Breakfast at ONOMO’s”, Dakar, 2013.
"American Beauty", Abidjan, 2013.
“American Beauty”, Abidjan, 2013.
"Blow Up", Dakar, 2013.
“Blow Up”, Dakar, 2013.
"Chicago: Jailhouse Tango", Dakar, 2013
“Chicago: Jailhouse Tango”, Dakar, 2013
"Thelma & Louise", Abidjan, 2013.
“Thelma & Louise”, Abidjan, 2013.
"The Matrix", Dakar, 2013.
“The Matrix”, Dakar, 2013.
"Psycho", Abidjan, 2013.
“Psycho”, Abidjan, 2013.
"Frida", Abidjan, 2013.
“Frida”, Abidjan, 2013.

The exhibition will be on view at hotel ONOMO Dakar Airport until May 12, 2014.