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how to determine eye shape

What Is My Eye Shape? – Take Our Eye Shape Quiz To Find Out

Are you curious about your eye shape? We have an exclusive eye shape quiz for you to take. All eyes are beautiful, and once you know your shape, you’ll have the ability to pair your eye shape with different makeups and styles. Similar to how you wouldn’t go shopping without knowing your size, you shouldn’t shop for fake lashes until you know your eye shape. Please take the short quiz below to get started. Once you know your eye shape, you will be more prepared to shop for fake eyelashes and sunglasses.

Fun Quiz To Determine Eye Shape:


Different eye shapes

1. Round Eyes

round eye shape

If you look straight ahead in the mirror and see above your iris (the colored part) the whitens of your eyes – your eye shape is round. This eye shape is more rounded and pointed at the corners. Round eye shape may appear larger or more open than some other eye types and can make a face look very young and very delicate as well. A celebrity that has round eyes is Katy Perry or Cillian Murphy.

2. Almond Eyes

how to determine eye shape

If you look straight ahead in the mirror and you can’t see above your iris (the colored part) the whitens of your eyes – your eye shape is almond. This shape is narrower, eyes are almost pointed in both corners, with a wider center. Almond shape resembles the shape of an almond and is the ideal type. A good example of a celebrity with almond eyes is Mila Kunis or Dwayne Johnson (The Rock).

3. Monolid Eyes

determine eye shape

No visible eyelid crease above your eye is the feature of monolid eye shape. Also, this shape has flat eyelids on the surface and straight natural lashes. Monolid eye shape is normally associated with those of Asian descent. Monolid eyes tend to show age much faster than other eye shapes. A celebrity with monolid eyes is Lucy Liu or Korean actor, Gong Yoo.

4. Hooded Eyes

shape quiz

If the crease of your eyelid is hidden when your eyes are wide open, then you have a hooded eye shape. If most or all of your upper eyelids are covered by the skin under your brow bones, there’s a good chance you have hooded eyelids. People with hooded shape often have heavy-looking eyelids that make eyes look small. Many people with this eye shape find it hard to achieve the makeup look they desire. Some of the most recognizable names that have hooded eyes are Blake Lively or Brad Pitt.

5. Downturned Eyes

determine eye shape

Place a straight line across the center of your eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are below this line, while the inner corners turn up – you’ve got a downturned eye shape. Downturned eyes show age quickly as they are heavier and tend to have more skin around them. Downturned eyes are often large and soft but can appear sleepy. A popular celebrity that has downturned eyes is Anne Hathaway or Katie Holmes.

6. Upturned Eyes

shape quiz

Place a straight line across the center of your eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are above this line and inner corners are lower than the outer corners, you have the upturned eye shape. Upturned eyes are very attractive and is also referred to as the cat-eye shape, which many people try to achieve with the help of make up or plastic surgery. A celebrity with upturned eyes is Sophia Loren or Chris Pine.

7. Protruding Eyes

prominent eye shape

If your eyelids recede deeply into your head, while your eyes seem to stand out further – you probably have protruding eye shape. When you look straight ahead in the mirror you can see more of the whites around the eyes. Protruding eyes are going to be larger, appear rounder and sometimes look surprised a little bit. A celebrity with protruding eyes is Amanda Seyfried or Jude Law.

8. Close-set eyes

determine eye shape

Examine the area between your eyes. If there is enough space to place a third eye, then you have close-set eyes. Close-set eyes are going to be closer to the bridge of the nose and closer to one another. Close-set eyes are very intense and is often a unique feature. A celebrity with close-set eyes is Tom Hiddleston or Keira Knightly.

9. Wide-set eyes

how to determine eye shape

Examine the area between your eyes. According to the proportion of the face there is enough space between your eyes to place a third eye. If the length of one eye is smaller than the distance between the inner corner of both eyes – you probably have wide-set eyes. People that have wide-set eyes often have an honest face and calm appearance. A celebrity with wideset eyes is Britney Spears or Benedict Cumberbatch.

10. Deep-set eyes.

find my eye shape

Find a mirror to study your eyes in. If your eyes are set into the skull, which is farther in than most people’s eyes are, than you have deep-set eyes. People with deep-set eyes have a very prominent brow bone and it appears to overshadow the eyes.

We are all different and feature like eyes can differ greatly from person to person. With our list of different shape of eyes, you can easily determine what is your eye shape and what makeup or sunglasses will suit you the best and will emphasize your advantages. Also, if you want to find out which false lashes will be the best for your eye shape, read my reviews about it here.