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< class="entry-title obfx-grid-title"> What is my face shape?

Have you ever thought that the shape of the face significantly affects the choice of many things: makeup, hairstyle, glasses, accessories and even clothes? We have prepared for you an online face shape detector to form a set of basic principles that will help you feel confident and look your best. So, take our face shape quiz and answer the most important question: “what face shape do I have?”.

Of course, each face is unique and unrepeatable in its own way, but despite this, 7 basic forms are determined: square, round, oval, long shape, heart face shape, pear face shape, and diamond face shape. If our shape face quiz was not enough for you and you did not fully understand what type of face you have, we offer you step-by-step instructions on how to determine the shape of your face yourself at home. 

To determine what is your face shape, you need to look at yourself as objectively as possible. To do this you will need:

  • A large mirror so that you can see your whole face and part of your chest.
  • Hairpins to open the whole face and ears.
  • A top that will not cover the neck and part of the chest (it is better to wear something without straps at all), so that clothing lines do not affect your assessment.
  • Daylight. Artificial lighting can accentuate certain areas of your face or create shadows that make your facial features appear smaller.

So, let’s take a look in the mirror and measure the face by answering the following questions:

  • How does my widest forehead and chin compare?
  • How wider are my cheekbones compared to my forehead and chin?
  • How long is my face? 

By answering these questions, you can determine the shape of your face. You can ask friends or relatives for help or measure the face with a ruler (numbers are much easier to operate with).

You can also use an alternative way to determine the shape of your face: circle your face with a marker directly on the mirror (the main thing is to choose one that is easily washed off). It is important to remember that the contour of the face is determined not by the shape of the skull, but by the line of the hair roots.

Let’s look at the proportions of a perfect face. An ideal face can be divided into three equal parts by drawing conventional lines across the bridge of the nose and the base of the nose. The width of the nose should be equal to the distance between the inner corners of the eyes. And this distance, in turn, is equal to the width of the eye itself.

Oval Face Shape

Everyone knows that it is the oval shape of the face that is considered ideal. But why? The widest part of the oval face is at the cheeks, slightly tapering towards the forehead and chin. This face shape suit almost all trends in fashion and makeup. A celebrity that has oval face shape is Charlize Theron or Eva Mendes.

You have an oval face shape if:

  • The widest point is the cheekbones, the face tapers slightly to the forehead and chin
  • The jawline is rounded, not too narrow, not too wide
  • At the temples, the face is slightly wider than the chin.

Round Face Shape

The most important benefit of a round face shape is that it stays young for much longer than other face shapes. Many women with round faces look much younger because of their round, soft, almost childish features. The most important characteristic is the absence of sharp lines and corners; instead of them – soft and smooth outlines. Examples of celebrities with a round face are Selena Gomez or Jennifer Goodwin. 

You have a round face if:

  • The length of your face is almost equal to its width
  • The face has smooth curves, no hard angles
  • The jawline is rounded, with a soft outline.

Square Face Shape

The face of this shape gives the impression of power and feminine strength. Celebrities with square face shape are Paris Hilton and Angelina Jolie.

You have a square face if:

  • The width of the cheekbones, forehead and cheeks is almost the same
  • The selection line is square, with rigid corners

Pear Face Shape

Like a round face, the pear-shaped face retains its youth for a long time. Examples of celebrities with a pear face shape are Kelly Osbourne and Renee Zellweger. 

You have a pear-shaped face if

  • Your face is only slightly longer than its width. 
  • Wide chin and cheekbones. The widest part of the face is the pronounced jaw. 
  • The face gradually tapers from jaw to forehead.

Heart Face Shape

Such a face shape has a lot in common with a diamond shape: wide cheekbones and a sharp chin. The heart-shaped face looks like an v-triangle face shape or it is also called teardop face shape. Celebrities with heart shaped faces are Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson.

You have a heart-shaped face if:

  • The forehead and hairline are wider than the lower part of the face
  • Cheekbones are much wider than the chin
  • The chin is narrow or pointed.

Diamond Face Shape

Like a heart-shaped face, but the top is less wide. Celebrities that has oval face shape are Lucy Liu and Zoe Saldana.

You have diamond face shape if:

  • Your face is only slightly longer than its width. 
  • The chin is clearly pointed.
  • The widest part is the cheekbones, often high enough. 
  • The outlines of the forehead and chin are tapered.

Long Face Shape

This shape is like oval, but in it the length of the face exceeds its width. Except for the round, long can be square, pear-shaped, and a heart-shaped face. Celebrities with long face shape are Sarah Jessica Parker and Liv Tyler.

You have a long face if:

  • The length of the face is noticeably greater than its width (about 60%)
  • High cheekbones
  • High extended forehead
  • Pointed chin

Oval and round face shapes are rare in their pure form, and most of the faces are numerous combinations of 7 basic prototypes. Variations are endless, and such shapes have their own special appeal, which is much more interesting than a perfect face, without a single flaw. 

It’s good when beautiful makeup attracts attention. But even better – when he emphasizes the dignity of appearance and natural beauty. This is possible only if the make-up is created considering the characteristics of the face. Shades of cosmetics should be in harmony with parameters such as skin tone, eye and hair color, and it is important to use beauty techniques taking into account the type of face. 

Thanks to our material on different face shapes, you will be able to define your shape and now you can easily choose makeup that will emphasize your facial features even better. What makeup is right for your shape – read in this article