5 Drunk Elephant Dupes That You Will Fall In Love With

drunk elephant dupe

With over 950,000 followers on Instagram, Drunk Elephant is the belle of the ball. The elegant skincare brand has amassed a loyal following and sells quality products. However, some of the creams, moisturizers, and treatments range from $16-$134. We are going to let you in on our little secret of great products that work as well as Drunk Elephant. Drunk elephant dupes are the best way to get the most value for your dollar

We love Drunk Elephant and recommend shopping from them if you can afford it. However, we can offer alternative products & formulas  so you can avoid breaking the bank. We have tested many products to develop a list of our favorite drunk elephant dupes. Without further ado, here is our list.

Dupe For Drunk Elephant F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial

Alogel Fresh Aloe Skin Perfecting Facial Care

drunk elephant dupe: Alogel

SMD Cosmetics


price: $30.00

With regards to anti aging overnight masks, this is one of our favorite choices. Enriched with a hydrating formula, this overnight mask leaves your skin feeling soft, youthful-looking and luminous. It penetrates facial pores to bring an abundance of moisture and rejuvenate your skin.

The original Drunk Elephant F-Balm Overnight mask costs $52 and will leave your skin feeling hydrated & nourished. We also recommend this!

Dupe For Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum

NEOGEN Dermalogy Real Vitamin C Serum

Neogen Dermalogy


price: $38.00

 Neogen serum provides a splash of citrus to brighten and hydrate your skin! The citrus fruit extracts and vitamin complex (Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, Vitamin C) all work together to brighten and firm the appearance of skin for a healthy-looking complexion.

The original Drunk Elephant C-Firma Vitamin C Day Serum costs $80 and it’s formulated with pumpkin ferment and pomegranate extracts, C-Firma enzymatically dissolves dead surface skin cells for smoother texture.

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream Dupe

Olay Regenerist Whip

Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream Dupe



price: $24.99

If you are looking for a peptide rich, thick facial moisturizer, Olay Regenerist Whip may be the product for you. This Anti Aging Active Rush Technology reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. It’s formulated with advanced Amino-Peptide Complex II, and leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth, and never greasy. 

The original Drunk Elephant Protini Polypeptide Cream delivers younger, revived-looking skin, almost from the first application. Costing $68, this  breakthrough protein moisturizer is focused on delivering quality!

Dupe for Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

Mario Badescu Protein Night Cream

Drunk Elephant Dupe night cream

Mario Badescu


price: $22.00

Pamper your face with high-protein night cream. This is an intense moisture replenishing night cream enriched with antioxidant vitamin A to reduce the effects of aging. This is an affordable option for anyone searching for a night cream. Additionally, a high concentration of emollients along with collagen help to preserve skin’s tone and elasticity.

The original Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum is a night serum that helps refine and resurface skin to reveal a smoother and more radiant looking complexion.

Dupe for Drunk Elephant Whipped Moisturizer

Bliss Ex-glow-sion Super Rich Face Moisturizer

drunk elephant cream dupe


Amazon.com – Premium Beauty

price: $19.99

Look and feel beautiful with ex-glow-sion, a super rich moisturizer for dewy, radiant skin. This velvety, skin-brightening cream with stabilized vitamin C takes skin from dry and lackluster to dewy and luminous in seconds. This is an amazing moisturizer and provides so much value for $19.99. You can’t go wrong with this drunk elephant dupe.

The original Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream is a multi-faceted rescue cream. It is formulated with ceramides, that provides replenishing barrier support by reinforcing skin’s acid mantle and defending against the effects of everyday stressors. It comes with a hefty price tag of $60.

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