Best MAC Eyeshadows: How To Choose Them Correctly

best mac eyeshadows

Expressive eyes are almost the first thing we pay attention to when looking around a woman’s face. Natural data with a wide range of decorative cosmetics make it possible for each lady to “shape” her look with her vision of beauty or the desired level of outrageousness. Mascaras, liners and, of course, eyeshadows have firmly taken their place in the cosmetic bags of most modern ladies. The richness of colors and different consistencies of eyeshadows are indispensable for those girls who do not strive to look the same.

Eyeshadows are an opportunity to bring the look the tone and framing according to the situation and the overall image, even the most outrageous. How to choose the best eyeshadow for yourself, we will tell you in this article.

When choosing this cosmetic product, it is not enough to rely only on the desired color range and suitable cost. It is important to consider a number of criteria that will allow you to choose the best mac eyeshadows.

Suitable consistency

Eyeshadows can be loose, liquid and creamy. Liquid combines ease of application, brightness and durability. Loose is a classic version of the eyeshadows that allow you to design your look in a discreet style, or vice versa, make it more expressive, using a larger amount of funds. Creamy eyeshadows make it possible not only to give eyelids the desired shade, but also to moisturize the skin around the eyes.

Shimmer effect

All shadows, regardless of their consistency and form of release, can be divided into matte and pearlescent. Shadows without shine and shimmer, as a rule, are used in base makeup, and it is also with the help of them you can simulate the eyelid. Pearl shadows are more of an evening, solemn look.

MAC shadows are loved by many, but not all of their shades are successful. Although they seem to be the same in texture (according to the manufacturer’s description), the difference can be enormous, from complete failure and difficulty in use by non-professionals to absolute success. The winning options for top mac eyeshadows do not crumble, are easy to shade and “sit” on the eyelid for a long time, without hammering into the crease of the eyelid and without losing saturation throughout the day. These are the shades we tried to collect in our review of mac eyeshadows must have. Therefore, all the shades presented below fully confirm the reputation of MAC as a manufacturer of super shadows.

Best neutral mac eyeshadow

The shade Sable is very controversial. On the one hand, looking through the tube, we can see an interesting and unbroken shade: a mixture of brown, burgundy and pink. But when applied to the eyes, it becomes quite ordinary brown with a share of red pigment.

You can be pleased with the quality of the shadows, because it is perfectly applied, shaded, when typing with a brush, they practically do not generate dust, they keep without a base all day.

Is a warm, medium brown shade better suited as a transition color. These eyeshadows is prefered to apply to the crease of the upper eyelid or the outer corner of the eye when doing your makeup in warm tones. Has a good shadow, it can be shaded and applied perfectly, and gives a wonderful color, there will be no problems with it, not free-flowing. 

The most popular nude eyeshadow for highlighting the corner of the eye and the brow space. Shadows are easy to type and layered if necessary. The shade is well stewed. Fine shimmer looks very delicate. Can also be used as an eyebrow highlighter. 

Nice cool shade. This magical shade will make your eyes stunning green, removing the slightest hint of gray and therefore will become one of your favorite shades. Satin finish. Can be used mono, for the crease and corner of the eye, you can create both daytime and evening makeup, a super versatile shade. It is multifaceted, has high durability and is highly pigmented. 

Warm shade of old gold. The texture is soft, fits tight and rich the first time. A soft and cozy color, so to speak. One of the most bought shades. Will be perfect for the makeup for brown eyes.

Сreamy pink with a silvery sheen. Beautiful soft shade with the most delicate texture. It is not difficult to use, it gives off color well.

This shade is generously mixed with copper pigment, so pink, although it looks, is very modest and at a certain angle. Gold is also very active here. The texture is homogeneous, finely ground. The shadows are tightly compressed, the brush is typed tightly, so that the pads of the fingers are used. Do not crumble or fade during the day.

Matte super pigmented shades, easy to blend and make-up for any occasion. 

Сreamy beige, sometimes translucent cream, then goes into beige, slightly pigmented. ideal highlighter for the day – gives a light semi-matt shine. simply because there are a lot of such colors and you can try to find a more budgetary option.

It is a modern hybrid formula that combines the delicate texture of eyeshadow and the ease of blending of a creamy product. The product is comfortable to apply and has a long-lasting color and shine thanks to reflective particles. The silky, creamy, almost liquid formula adds radiance and clarity to the eyes. Creates both a translucent pearlescent finish and a metallic effect.

The most popular colour of mac eyeshadow. Is a warm pink-brown. The shadows are quite a bit dusty. Lay down evenly, do not crumble. Pigmentation for four, no more, but for this shade it is rather a plus than a minus. Firmness is good, they stay on the base until make-up remover. It can be used to darken the crease of the eyelid, and it copes with this task perfectly and always looks appropriate! A very versatile, everyday shade. The most interesting thing is that it adjusts to the main color on the eyelid. When you use light brown, then Haux looks more brownish, and when there is a pinkish tint throughout the eyelid, then Haux shows its “berry” in the fold.

For an evening make-up, it looks perfect in combination with any shadows. Color, excellent pigmentation and a luminous finish make these eyeshadows also used as a highlighter. It is a pale gold shade with a shine. We can safely call it a full-fledged shimmer with pale gold pigment mixed into it … you can use NYLON in the inner corners of the eyes when you need to make a strong highlight.

Tips for Choosing the Right Matte Eyeshadow Palette

  • Сhoose quality over quantity because it makes no sense to buy a palette of 50 shades with below average and low durability pigmentation. 
  • If you’re worried about your budget, choose the best palette that won’t burden your expenses. The best mac eyeshadows for all types of the makeup we’ve included above. 
  • If you’re new to applying eyeshadow, start with the nude palette to learn your way of working with your eyes. Best neutral mac eyeshadows we had in our list. 
  • Find eyeshadows that complement your eye color. This is based on a trial and errors – see which shades suit you the best and which shades you may not use.

Shades of MAC eyeshadow for different eye colors

For example, if you have brown or black eyes, warm browns, neutrals and rich precious tones like Woodwinked, Charcoal Brown, Haux and Sable will give your eyes a sexy, dramatic effect. 

If you have blue eyes you can opt for purple or lavender shades. Choose Naked lunch, Expensive pink, Grain. Rusty shades will make your eyes look more electric. 

If you have green eyes, warm peaches and mustard will provide a brightening effect, while gold ones will also help add dimension. Try Satin Taupe, Sable or Soft brown, Nylon.

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