Beauty Cheat Sheet. How to Choose the Right Fake Eyelashes for Your Eye Shape?

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For the first time, false lashes were seen 60 years ago on the movie screen, and since then, the obsession with the “cat-eye” does not pass. There are several ways to make your eyelashes look longer, thicker, and more attractive: choose good mascara, do eyelash extension, or use fake eyelashes. Especially if nowadays it is still the fastest and the most inexpensive way to get long and thick lashes. Using false eyelashes is easy: the application process will take no more than a few minutes. 

Also, among the advantages we can name the great variety of shapes, colors, sizes, with sparkles, colored inserts, and other decorations. False eyelashes will always come to the aid if you want to embody an unusual look. In addition, the low price allows you to keep several different pairs in a makeup bag at once. False eyelashes also have serious disadvantages: some are contraindicated to use them – for example, if you are allergic to the glue or to the hairs themselves. Another contraindication is conjunctivitis or other eye diseases. 

But the frustration is that not all lashes will suit your eye shape. How to choose eyelashes that will flatter your eye shape and how not to go crazy in a beauty store with their variety? We answer these main questions and share detailed instructions.

1. Round Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Round Eyes

By Lingstar


If you see above your iris (the colored part) the whitens of your eyes – your eye shape is round. We want to lengthen and balance out your large, round, beautiful eyes. Curly and long lashes will help to add to this effect! With round eyes, you want to exaggerate your eye shape by creating a flirty, layered effect with added length at the ends. 

By Clinitek


Avoid heavy, voluminous lashes that make your eye look smaller and flatter. You can create a stunning cat eye look with round eyes. If you got round eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false eyelashes!

2. Protruding Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Protruding Eyes

By Fabu


If your eyelids recede deeply into your head, while your eyes seem to stand out further – you probably have prominent eye shape. Your eyes are large, bright, and sexy all on their own! A false eyelash style with short to medium lengths will provide a light yet sensational element to your eyes. 

By Lepsoo

We want to accent that lovely line on your eyelashes. The DD Curl is to be used for those with naturally curled lashes, or those with a more prominent eyeball. If you got prominent eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false eyelashes! This is a must have fake eyelash kit!

3. Monolid Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Monolid Eyes

By Dolly Wiink


No visible eyelid crease above your eye is the feature of monolid eye shape. It is recommended to use long, multi-layered, and especially fluttery to open the eye and to add some dimension. With monolid eyes, fake eyelashes can create a big difference in your appearance. Fake eyelashes will accentuate your eyes and add a unique wide-awake look.

By Ardell


If you got monolid eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false eyelashes! It’s very flattering on monolid eye shapes and can be worn during the daytime and vamped up lashes for an evening out.

4. Hooded Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Hooded Eyes

By Eyelure


If you have a bit more skin right above your crease then you probably have hooded eyes. You will want to create a look that will open the eyes at the center and give the appearance of larger, starry eyes. The lashes you want to use to achieve this look are styles that are fuller in the middle with longer lengths.

By Emeda


If you got hooded eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false eyelashes! These eyelashes are the most fashionable style fake lashes.

5. Downturned Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Downturned Eyes

By Daoder


Place a straight line across the center of your eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are below this line, while the inner corners turn up – you’ve got downturned eye shape. Many women have attractive downturned eyes. You will want to create length along that lash line of your eyes and create a unique look. You have a great eye shape for a chic cat-eye look that will draw attention to your eyes in a sexy way.

By LA Shine


The best lashes for downturned eye shape are low-volumed and more natural looking. Heavy and long eyelashes will only highlight the downturn.  If you got downturned eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false eyelashes! They are very easy to apply and stay on all night through dancing!

6. Almond Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Almond Eyes

By Ardell


If you can’t see above your iris (the colored part) the whitens of your eyes – you eye shape is almond. They have a slender point on each end and are wide in the middle of the eyes. Most styles will compliment this almond form so it all depends on what style you are trying to achieve.

By Gorgeous Cosmetics


If you got almond eyes in the quiz, we highly recommend one of these two pairs of false lashes for your makeup! In fact, every style of false lashes will look good on this eye shape, so just choose lashes that are comfortable to wear.

7. Upturned Eye Shape

Fake Eyelashes For Upturned Eyes

By Kiss

Place a straight line across the center of your eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are above this line and inner corners are lower than the outer corners, you have the upturned eye shape.


You have a great eye shape for a chic cat-eye look that will draw attention to your eyes in a sexy way. Just try a flared half lash in the outer corner and that’s it! The most suitable lashes are “Pro Eyelashes – Socialite” and “Kiss – organza”.

8. Close set eyes

Fake Eyelashes for Close set eyes

By Sweed Lashes

Examine the area between your eyes. If there is enough space to place a third eye, then you have close set eyes. Cat eye lashes are ideal for this eye shape. Placing the eyelashes, you must pull attention to the outer corners, elongating the shape.

By Red Cherry

Avoid lashes that are longer in the center as this will make the eyes look smaller. Choose the right eyelashes – dark, long and curved as possible, those like “Red Cherry” or “Sweed”.

9. Wide set eyes

Fake Eyelashes for Wide set eyes

By Ardell

Examine the area between your eyes. If the length of one eye is smaller than the distance between the inner corner of both eyes – you probably have wide set eyes. In the case of wide-set eyes, on the contrary, the accent is made with color in the inner corners, it is in this area that the darkest eyelashes are used.

By Eylure

The fox or cat effect will visually “push apart” the eyes even more, so they are contraindicated in this case. The right eyelashes are those where the central part will have the maximum length, which visually brings wide-set eyes closer together.

10. Deep set eyes

Fake Eyelashes for Deep set eyes

By Ardell

Find a mirror to study your eyes in. If your eyes are set into the skull, which is farther in than most people’s eyes are, than you have deep set eyes. For those with deep-set eyes, the option with medium hairs along the entire length of the base is the best suited. This option rounds the look, making it open and friendly.

By Eylure

Also, deep-set eyes are corrected with color, using dark brown ones instead of black eyelashes, which favorably highlight the eyes. The best Fake Eyelashes for deep set eyes are “Samantha Lashes” Doll beauty.

Which is better: artificial or natural lashes?

At first glance, craving for natural materials will tell us that natural eye lashes are definitely better, but not everything is so simple.

When choosing a material, it is important to start from several criteria at once:


Natural eyelashes do not cause irritation (expensive artificial ones, by the way, too), at the same time as cheap artificial analogs, may well cause allergic reactions if a person is predisposed to them. If there is no such tendency – for such false eyelashes, the price difference will be very noticeable. Maintenance of such false eyelashes will also be minimal.


It is the stumbling block of all accessories. As mentioned above, most synthetic eyelashes will cost significantly less. It should also be noted that natural false eyelashes should be chosen wisely in order not to buy a fake.

Visual differences

Obviously, natural lashes look much more natural than their artificial counterparts, mainly due to excessive rigidity.

Speaking about the choice of false eyelashes, we want to note that, firstly it is important to understand the purpose for which the accessory is being selected. Professional stylists agree that everyday wear of false eyelashes could be a bad taste, so if you don’t live active life 24/7, you should use false eyelashes wisely and when the situation is right. 

To conclude about fake lashes

First, remember that health comes first. Not be lazy to learn about the composition and quality of eyelashes, so look not only at the price tag. Hypoallergenic materials are the must. Secondly, for the right choice of the fake eyelashes you have to know what your eye shape is. How to emphasize and express the features and beauty of each type, read our instructions above. 

Thirdly, pat attention to the convenience of the eyelashes, the presence of special glue in the package. In the case of choosing cheap fake eyelashes pack, it is better to by glue separately. 

Hope, that this fake eyelashes review will help you to choose the right ones!

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