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Hollywood in Afrika

German STERN talking about ONOMOllywood. Below is the English translation:

What would it look like if Hollywood were in Africa? Two photographers have restaged major movie scenes with black actors. Can you guess the correct movie?

The ONOMOllywood photo series is making Hollywood and Africa meet. The photographers, Antoine Tempé and Omar Victor Diop restaged scenes from classic films with black models, in Africa. For both it came like a game with their personal as well as collective memories. Omar Victor says: “growing up watching these movies, I remember playing roles with my friends as a kid, impersonating James Bond as if I was Roger Moore, and running around the house searching spies in my mom’s kitchen…” The project was commissioned by Onomo International, a business hotel chain in Africa.

The scene of the photo [above] is not an easy guess for the younger generation. However this movie is a masterpiece from 1966 and is set in the swinging London . It is about a murder, which a photographer believes he can solve thanks to a shadow on one of his enlargements.

The photo model on the floor was originally played by Veruschka Countess of Lehndorff, and the photographer by David Hemmings . The movie was directed by Michelangelo Antonioni.

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