ONOMOllywood in “OFF The Wall” magazine N°1 Issue

Six images from ONOMOllywood featured in OFF The Wall magazine

The magazine OFF The Wall is publishing in its n° 1 issue a portfolio of 6 images from the series “ONOMOllywood, revisiting great movie classics” by Antoine Tempé and Omar Victor Diop. Onomo Visual Art, the cultural promotion label of the hotel group Onomo International has given free reigns to two photographers —Antoine Tempé and Omar Victor Diop— to create a series of photographs in which they revisit some of the greatest movie classics. OFF The Wall can be purchased at Colette, O.F.R., Le Bal, le Palais de Tokyo, Centre Commercial, Galerie Yvon Lambert, Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin, Agora Presse, La Hune, La Chambre Claire, Drugstore Publicis, Artazart, Centre Commercial, Rouge 58, Palais de Tokyo, La Photo Librairie, Le Bal Books, Le Merle Moqueur au 104.

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